Against the Odds


Entry is by a patient who has completed their orthodontic treatment any time within the preceding two years. The patient submits an application form - available for download below - and sends to BOS by the deadline date of August 31st 2017. 

Entry Details:

Patient’s 500 word description of treatment with emphasis on the relationship with the orthodontist and special nature of the achievement of the treatment outcome Against The Odds.

Before and after photographs must be provided by patient and orthodontist, and must be consented for publication in the event of being awarded this prize.


A £750 travel voucher for the winner and an electric toothbrush for the runner-up


31 August is the last date for submission of entries. The winner will be notified by 31 December




Initial shortlisting will be carried out by the Chair of the Scholarship and Grants Committee and the previous year’s prize winning orthodontist.  They will produce a short list of applicants with a good standard of treatment to go forward for judging for the prize. 


The prize winner will be chosen by a journalist/celebrity and a clinical psychologist from the short listed applicants, based on the story of their treatment.

Application form