Recognition as a DwSI in Orthodontics

A DwSI in Orthodontics will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • Understand occlusion and its development
  • Know how to diagnose and recognise malocclusion and when to intervene
  • Know when to refer or provide treatment within their level of competency
  • Understand the limitations of appliance therapy and demonstrate the appropriate clinical skills

The DwSI in Orthodontics needs to provide evidence of generalist primary dental care competencies. The presentation of a portfolio should provide evidence of training and experience in generalist skills, including areas such as infection control, radiography and medical emergencies. The MFGDP (UK) examination run by the FGDP (UK) covers a number of topics in the form of modules; the Key Skills assessment provides a portfolio approach to the validation of general fitness to practise.

Evidence of the required orthodontic competencies may be provided in the form of formal qualifications, or for some applicants, other experience-based evidence may be acceptable as judged by a local accreditation panel. The Diploma in Primary Care Orthodontics (DPCO) is a three-year part-time course leading to the DPCO (RCS) exam. The course is led by the British Orthodontic Society and FGDP (UK). It is not a specialist orthodontic programme and does not lead to the MOrth. Dentists registered in EU countries and who apply for DwSI positions need to demonstrate the competencies through equivalence.