Is orthodontics the career for me?

A career in orthodontics can be challenging, intellectually stimulating, creative and rewarding. You will need to be able to relate well to patients, who will be mostly children and teenagers. One of the attractions of a career in orthodontics is where and when you can work.

You may wish to work in a specialist high street practice and run your own small business. Alternatively you may wish to work in a hospital, a community clinic or become a teacher of orthodontics in a university. There are plenty of opportunities for full-time or part-time work and career breaks are possible. If you are interested in becoming an orthodontist then you possibly already have some idea of what the job entails. Maybe you attend an orthodontist yourself or know someone who does. If you are seriously considering working in this branch of dentistry, do spend some time with an orthodontist to find out if this could be the career you are looking for.