Opportunities for Dental Nurses

Find out about the NEBDN Orthodontic Nursing examination and links to relevant sites

For nurses who assist in orthodontic procedures, it is possible to obtain The Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing offered by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses.

What is required to undertake the qualification?

To undertake The Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing, dental nurses must be registered with the General Dental Council and an approved training provider and have employer support for validation of certain workplace-based activities required for the Record of Experience.

How do I obtain the qualification?

The Certificate of Orthodontic Nursing is available through accredited training centres and involves theoretical instruction and the acquisition of practical competence as evidenced by the Record of Experience.

The syllabus for The Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing outlines the areas of knowledge and understanding that a dental nurse assisting in orthodontic procedures must demonstrate to practise competently. The theoretical background is covered by attendance on an accredited course, however, much of the assessment is based on the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to the clinical setting. There is a requirement for the practical training to be carried out under the supervision of a dentist; the Record of Experience consists of log sheets confirming involvement in the care of at least fifty patients, detailed case studies for two orthodontic patients and evidence of competence in a number of areas, including assisting with the taking and handling of impressions and casting of study models.