Will I need to have teeth extracted?

Every course of orthodontic treatment needs to be tailored to the needs of the individual patient. In some patients, adults as well as young people, extractions are necessary to align crowded teeth or correct the bite. 


How will I know if I need teeth extracted?

Much depends on the problem  which needs correcting. A decision can only be reached on the basis of a detailed case assessment by your dentist or orthodontist. For some patients, in order to get the best appearance and long-term stable result, extractions will be part of a gold standard plan.

Is extraction-free orthodontics an option?

Any claims that treatment can be completed without extractions, especially before an assessment has been completed, should be regarded with considerable caution. If you are unsure about the advice you are receiving, you should discuss your concerns with your own dentist or seek a second opinion from a specialist.

Is there an alternative to having teeth taken out?

In many cases there is no satisfactory alternative to extractions to allow the teeth to be straightened. The extraction spaces are closed up during treatment so that there are no gaps left at the end. 

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