Treatment & Brace Types

Find out more about the variety of orthodontic appliances available.

The term orthodontic 'appliance' is used interchangeably with the term orthodontic 'brace' to describe a device used to apply force onto the teeth with the aim of achieving tooth movement for alignment (or straightening) and/or correction of the bite.

This section contains an information about all the most popular orthodontic appliances.

Fixed appliances
Fixed appliances (braces) remain the most popular type of orthodontic appliance. They now come in a wide range of types including metal, ceramic (tooth-coloured) and those fitted behind the teeth (lingual braces).
Removable appliances
Removable appliances (braces) include removable aligners and functional appliances as well as simple conventional types.
Orthodontic mini-implants (TADs)
A recent development in orthodontics - find out more about how and why orthodontic treatment might benefit from Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs).
Retainers are not an orthodontic appliance in that they do not move the teeth. They are however essential in almost all cases to help prevent the teeth moving once the braces are removed.
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