Orthodontics for Children & Teens


If you are a child or teenager with braces or thinking about having treatment you should find all you need to know here.....

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Why Orthodontics?

Find out why more adults and children than ever are choosing orthodontic treatment

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Treatment & Brace Types

Read more about the vast range of available brace types - from hidden braces behind the teeth to retainers once your braces are removed

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Fact File & FAQ

Find all the advice you need about orthodontics here - whether you have braces already or are thinking about starting treatment

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Orthodontics and the NHS

Large numbers of young people have their treatment funded by the NHS - find out more about who and why

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A guide for those working with the under 18's

A large number of orthodontic patients are of school age and orthodontic treatment can have an impact on the school day.

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Cleft Lip & Palate

Around 1 in 700 babies are born with some form of cleft lip or palate. Find out more about the role of orthodontics and where to seek find more information

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