Are there any charges for NHS treatment?

The NHS funds all the costs of orthodontic treatment for children who qualify. The only exception is the charge for replacement of removable appliances lost or damaged beyond repair (£70.10- £140.20). In general, most orthodontic problems qualify for NHS treatment apart from minor irregularities,(assuming that the patient is otherwise in good dental health). There are clear criteria about who qualifies.

The NHS contract for orthodontics funds all appliances, adjustments and repairs required during the entire treatment. The practitioner is free to choose whatever technique and appliance s/he wishes within these requirements. S/he is not under an obligation to use or offer any particular appliance. It is not permitted to charge patients under the age of 18 for an appliance or any part of the treatment, nor to insist that part of the treatment is undertaken privately before acceptance as an NHS patient. To do so is, in effect, asking to be paid twice. Any such practice is a serious breach of NHS regulations which renders the orthodontist liable to disciplinary action if reported to the local NHS Commissioning Teams or the General Dental Council.