Often used to correct simple problems, especially in patients who still have primary (baby) teeth in place.

Removable orthodontic appliances can be taken out by the patient. These braces are principally used for correcting problems with the bite. Treatment with removable appliances, especially for simple problems, can often but not always, start before all the adult teeth erupt.

Upper removable appliances are a common removable appliance and consist of an acrylic palate with wire components that are used to hold the appliance in place and to move teeth. For a successful outcome, these appliances need to be worn 23 hours/ day usually for 6-9 months. These are braces that can be removed from the mouth by patients for cleaning.

When should removable braces be used?

Removable braces tend to be used to correct simple problems, often in patients who still have primary (milk) teeth in place. However they may be used at the same time as fixed braces to help treatment.

When should removable braces not be used?

Some complex tooth movement cannot be achieved with a removable brace.

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