Against the Odds

Left to right: Orthodontist Dr Kalim Sadiq and Yusuf Anwer.

“Losing my front teeth at 14 years old was the bleakest period of my life. Being robbed of my smile at an age where you’re extremely conscious of your appearance was a hard blow. Dr Sadiq’s complex treatment-plan was not only astonishing but proved to be life-changing. He truly worked against the odds to get me my smile and confidence.”  Yusuf, 18yrs, pictured with his orthodontist Dr Sadiq from Orchard Orthodontics in Croydon.


Against the Odds is an opportunity for orthodontic patients to share how their treatment has had a significant impact on their lives and to give recognition to their orthodontist. The award goes to the best account of treatment achieved against the odds any time within the preceding two years.

The first prize is £900 worth of travel vouchers. If you achieved your new smile ‘Against the Odds’ please fill in the application form on the link below, with before and after photographs, and describe in no more than 500 words, why you think you and your orthodontic specialist make a winning team.  Your Orthodontist will be asked to provide further dental images including extra and intra-oral Before and After photographs



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