British Orthodontic Society Foundation (BOSF)


The BOSF promotes improved patient care by supporting the highest standards of research and teaching in orthodontics. It aims to ensure that the specialty of orthodontics continues to grow and flourish, enhancing people's lives by helping them to smile with confidence. To achieve this the Foundation plans to promote research into better prevention, care of facial deformity and dental malocclusion and also to encourage excellent teaching, which ensures that orthodontists are inspired, well-informed, caring, valued and responsible.

There are three main objectives for BOSF funding, which are to:

Support for research in the areas of evidence-based orthodontic care and the health benefits of treatment. Priority will be given to projects which are likely to answer questions of clear relevance and importance to orthodontists.

Award Training Fellowships to enable clinicians to develop their academic career. This could include money to cover clinical services to allow time for the applicant to undertake a research project, complete a PhD and academic training.

Fund projects that improve the teaching of orthodontics.

To achieve these important aims, the British Orthodontic Society Foundation has identified the need to raise £500,000 over the next decade