BOS COVID-19 Orthodontic Emergencies Protocol

Orthodontic treatment following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in England.  NHS Leaflet



Flow and Protocol

Virtual consultations for emergency triage and advice

If a patient’s concern cannot easily be dealt with by phone advice, is strongly advised that the patient should send a video or photos of their teeth demonstrating the problem. Most emergency clinics will not see a patient until this process has been completed and all attempts at completing remedial action at home have been explored.

Here is the video for patients to show them how to take a video/photo using a clean technique and producing a sufficiently good image for it to be helpful.

This video/photo can then be sent to the orthodontist to aid discussions about emergency treatment.

If you are concerned about GDPR then you should use the Hospify app – to which you can invite your patient to up load photos. This is a free secure app for information to be transferred but it will only upload photos, not videos. It is approved by the NHS and is suitable for transferring patient information between clinicians and patients.

An alternative app is Fleming for video consultation- it’s uses NHS number and patient mobile

It’s approved for use by NHS.

It’s really simple to set up and may be of use during this period.

If the patients wish to send videos via Whatsapp or email you should let them know that the links is not secure. However, as the images will be of teeth this is not identifiable information

Download this information HERE