Recovery Phase Advice

BOS Recovery Phase Advice Sheet Plan

This site presents the “Recovery” phase for orthodontics in the UK

We are aiming to produce advice and fact sheets relating to the immediate post lockdown phase as well as the longer term management of orthodontics in the UK from both primary and secondary providers. In additions we aim to provide advice regarding AGP’s, PPE and surgery decontamination. We are also exploring the most appropriate applications of eDentistry (Phone/Video support) that may be used as an adjunct to our clinical practice in the future.

1. Phase 1: managing patients during the lockdown (email/letter/telephone/video consultations)

2. Phase 2/3 : Delivery of Care in the Post Lockdown Phase

  • Table of AGP and Non-AGP Procedures
  • Checklist to aid planning 
  • Planning for Re-opening
  • Cross-infection Control
  • IT Guidance
  • Patient Communication
  • Patient Letter Template, Welcome Back 
  • Pre-attendance Screening Questionnaire
  • Workforce
  • Financial Guidance for Primary Care
  • Resources
  • Patient Video
  • Leaflet
  • Web version of the leaflet
  • Poster

3. What is an orthodontic AGP  - Link to New Letter of Clarification 2nd June 2020

4. What is appropriate orthodontic PPE for which procedures - Link to Slow Speed Handpiece Use In Orthodontic Procedures - The BOS Position

5. Link to Standard operating procedure Transition to recovery, published by the OCDO

6. Link to Safeguarding Children and Young People for Orthodontists COVID-19 and Beyond


  • eDentistry - is the application of consultation by email, telephone, video or combination utilising photos, scanned images and dialogue to manage treatment or review remotely
  • eClinic – virtual clinic
  • pClinic – physical clinic