Look for orthodontic treatment in your locality.

Who can use this service?

'Find Treatment' may be used by patients seeking orthodontic advice, dentists wanting to refer a patient to an orthodontist, members seeking to contact other members, and official bodies seeking to contact providers of orthodontic care.

What information does the service provide?

'Find Treatment' provides users with the opportunity to search the BOS membership list.

Are all BOS members Specialist Orthodontists?

No. The Society consists of members of all levels of skill and and competence, ranging from highly experienced specialist practitioners, hospital consultants and university professors with world class skills to general dentists who have treated a few easy cases and are developing their skills.

How do I know if a BOS member is a Specialist Orthodontist?

The definitive list of specialist orthodontists is held by the General Dental Council who also list the qualifications of practitioners. Specialists normally hold the Membership in Orthodontics of one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (MOrth). By law only registered specialists may use the title 'Specialist Orthodontist'.

Does the BOS accredit members?

No. The Society is not a regulatory body and has no powers to accredit members. The Society accepts no liability for any errors and omissions or other problems arising from its use and the service is provided to users strictly on this understanding.

How do I proceed?

Read the following and click on the appropriate link:

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I DO NOT agree with the information above. You will not be able to use the 'Find Treatment' service