Moving & Transferring During Treatment

Under the new NHS contract, since 1st April 2006 there has been no official obstacle to changing orthodontists. Orthodontists with NHS contracts can accept an NHS patient who has moved from another part of the country (or from overseas) and who is already under orthodontic treatment.


The patient will count as a new NHS case start and brings the full credit for a new start, as long as the patient is over 10 years and under 18 years of age when first seen by the new orthodontist. Local protocols and referral pathways may also be in place with provision and guidance for transferring patients.


The NHS Local Area Team, Managed Clinical Network for Orthodontics or Local Orthodontic/Dental Committee should be consulted for further guidance.

If you started NHS orthodontic treatment under 18 years of age but have become over 18 by the time you moved, you may still be permitted to contine with NHS treatment but your new orthodontist will need to get permission from the Primary Care Trust or Local Health Board. You may also need to pay an NHS charge.

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