About the Museum


The BOS Museum tells the story of orthodontics in Britain. Founded in 1907 as part of the British Society for the Study of Orthodontics, the museum initially collected case studies which were displayed at society meetings. Since then the collection has grown to over 3000 objects, books and archives. The collection covers all areas of orthodontic treatment, practice and education. 

The BOS was founded in 1994 with the union of five different orthodontic societies, including the British Society for the Study of Orthodontics. The business archives of the BOS and its preceding societies are held in the museum or at the Wellcome Library.

The museum is supported by the Museum and Archive Committee. Members of the Committee regularly publish articles about orthodontic history, complete oral history interviews, research areas of orthodontic history and assist the curator. 

The majority of the collection is held at the BOS Headquarters in London. The museum cannot currently welcome visitors but information about the collection can be found in these pages.


Find out more in five minutes with BOS museum Curator Sophie Riches

Contact details
Sophie Riches, Curator
British Orthodontic Society Museum
12 Bridewell Place, London  EC4V 6AP
020 7353 8680

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