Ripple bracket Press

During World War II, Ripple brackets became a cheap British alternative to the American made Edgewise bracket of Angle. Ripple brackets were handmade, as were many of the components used at this time. There were several pieces of equipment available to make Ripple brackets.

The press was operated by pushing the handle onto a strip of stainless steel placed between the plates of the press. An alternative were the Ripple bracket forming pliers. In these, a strip of stainless steel was placed between the beak of the pliers, which were pressed together to form a rounded ‘m’ shape on the strip. These were then cut out individually and formed into a bracket.   

Uses of the ripple bracket were described by J.R.E. Mills in his paper "Uses and modifications of the Johnson Twin Wire Arch" published in the BSSO Transactions 1959.

Ripple bracket press