PAR and IOTN Training Courses


Following a few enquiries about these courses, the BOS wishes to confirm that the aim of the course is to fully train the delegate in the use of the indices. If they pass the assessment then this would be deemed that they are competent in the use of the indices sufficient to satisfy Area Teams/Practice Services Divisions with respect to accurate IOTN /PAR scoring in the clinical situation and also for research and audit.

It is also important that all delegates have some prior knowledge of the indices as these courses are NOT suitable for members of the dental team who have no existing experience of PAR or IOTN.

PAR Training Course - BOS HQ, London - 7 March

IOTN Training Course, BOS HQ - 8th March 2022

PAR and IOTN Courses - Special Rate for both - 

7th and 8th March 2022