BOS Statements

BOS Statement: Choosing the right clinician
Choose your clinician carefully, says the British Orthodontic Society
BOS Statement: Endocarditis
An association has recently been made in the national press between infective endocarditis and the orthodontic treatment of a young female patient.
BOS Statements: Claims about orthodontics
The role of the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) is to promote the highest quality standard of care throughout the UK.
BOS Statement: Interproximal reduction
Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a technique used during orthodontic treatment to create space for tooth alignment.
BOS Statement: Do-it-yourself braces
A number of websites are offering the public the opportunity to carry out their own orthodontic treatment at home.
BOS Statement: Orthognathic treatment
Each year it is estimated that around 3,000 people have orthognathic treatment with an overwhelming 90% saying it has dramatically improved their health and wellbeing.