BOS Statement: Interproximal reduction

Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a technique used during orthodontic treatment to create space for tooth alignment. It involves removing up to 0.5mm of enamel from the sides of teeth to enable the orthodontist to straighten them accurately. The technique can also be used to improve the shape of teeth. It's a routine procedure but it requires care, skill and experience.

Removing too much enamel can have a harmful effect on the health of the teeth.

Because of the risks associated with IPR, it is important that patients fully understand what is involved before they agree to go ahead with the procedure.

Due to a rise in online DIY orthodontic systems, dentists are now being asked to provide IPR for patients where the treatment has been planned remotely without the patient having first attended to see an experienced orthodontic clinician in person for a full assessment and to discuss all the treatment options available.

The BOS advises that a full clinical examination by an orthodontic specialist or dentist with experience in orthodontics should always precede an orthodontic treatment plan and that whoever is responsible for the treatment plan should carry out the IPR.

We recommend that anyone considering orthodontic treatment should avoid DIY braces and seek the advice of an orthodontist or dentist with appropriate training in this area.

For more information download the IPR leaflet HERE

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