Orthognathic services and the future

A parallel session dedicated to Orthognathic treatment is one of the keynote events at the British Orthodontic Conference 2018. Consultant Orthodontist Gavin Mack will be presenting in tandem with his colleague Christoph Huppa, a Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. The duo are based at London’s King’s College Hospital and have an impressive track record in using 3D planning software to visualise their treatments.

They will discuss their most interesting cases, including the treatment of a patient who had suffered serious trauma and for whom they created a customised plate for implanting in his jaw. The reconstructive surgery went well and thanks to the accurate plate fit, facial symmetry was restored along with class I occlusion.  To get a taste, this case is described HERE

Gavin Mack, who is the Clinical Lead for the Orthodontic Department at King’s College Hospital has worked for over 10 years with Christoph Huppa. They will also discuss their consent process, how they screen patients for psychological support and how they work together.

The session is on Thursday afternoon and runs parallel with the session in the main auditorium. It will conclude with a half hour panel session when delegates will be able to ask questions and share information on their experience of commissioning of orthognathic services.

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