New BOS Visual Identity Guidelines

Refreshed visual identity for BOS
to reflect an integrated, forward-looking society

The British Orthodontic Society is delighted to reveal its refreshed, forward-looking identity which will reinforce their reputation as the leading voice for orthodontics in the UK. 

The scope of work included the creation of a modernised logo alongside a unified identity for the Society Groups.  The embellished “O” which is central to the logo reflects the Society’s role as the voice of orthodontics for both the profession and patients.

The “O” is further developed as a symbol for each of the Society’s six groups. Academics, Community orthodontists, Consultants, Practitioners, Specialists and Trainees all have their own group and previously each had its own logo. Now they have a logo for their group which belongs to the overall branding palette but each in a different colour.

BOS Members will have fresh and updated ‘badge’ to demonstrate their membership of the Society.


Download the full guidelines here