Julian O’Neill new honorary patron of BOS
The new Honorary Patron of the British Orthodontic Society from January 2019 is Julian O’Neill, Consultant Orthodontist at Kettering General Hospital.
BOS welcomes new universal complaints handling principles for dentistry
Six universal principles in complaints handling identified by a working group established in collaboration with the General Dental Council have been made public this month.
Seeing into the orthodontic future at BOC
Looking ahead is the theme of the British Orthodontic Conference to be held in Glasgow in 2019.
A 360 overview of orthodontics with patients as the focal point
The British Orthodontic Conference (BOC) is the most significant orthodontic event in the UK calendar and this year’s, attended by over 1200 delegates, was bigger and better than the two previous years
A rough guide to orthodontics to achieve seamless care
The British Orthodontic Society is offering a one-day course in orthodontics aimed at recently qualified dentists and those new to working in the UK.
BOS mourns American orthodontist Dr William Proffit
BOS members are deeply saddened by the death of American orthodontist Dr William Proffit.
BOS supports call for YouTube to ban DIY brace videos
The BOS is recommending the introduction of more robust editorial control by video platform YouTube in order that any footage demonstrating and promoting so-called “DIY braces” is removed.
Orthodontics and humanity in the post-truth era Highlights of an interview with the President of BOS
Professor Jonathan Sandler, President of the BOS, has taken the opportunity to speak directly to patients through the medium of an interview with the orthodontic blogger, Neil Hillyard on his website.
British Orthodontic Society responds to ASA ruling on misleading claims
The British Orthodontic Society, a charity and the voice of orthodontics in the UK, calls on manufacturers of orthodontic devices and systems to ensure that all claims can be backed up by high quality research.
David Sarver and the art of the possible
David Sarver, an orthodontist from Alabama and one of the world’s best known speakers on aesthetic dentistry, is to present new data on the way in which our smile changes over the life span when he takes to the stage at the British Orthodontic Conference in September.
BOS encourages patients to enter Against the Odds award 2018
The British Orthodontic Society’s Against The Odds award showcases the transformative power of braces by identifying the best account of orthodontic treatment told by a patient.
A risky business for one and all
The pre-conference course for everyone in the orthodontic team #BOC2018
A new focus for orthodontic team members at BOC 2018
The Orthodontic National Group, the organization of orthodontic nurses and therapists affiliated to the British Orthodontic Society, has lined up two days of conference sessions for members under the auspices of this year’s British Orthodontic Conference (BOC) in London (September 27-29).
New BOS survey released for National Smile Month reveals the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK continues to rise
Today (8 May 2018): New figures released by The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) to coincide with National Smile Month, which kicks-off on 14 May 2018, reveals the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK continues to rise.
International audience for BOS jaw surgery resource
More than 100,000 patients from more than 120 countries have viewed the British Orthodontic Society Your Jaw Surgery resource in the two years since the website was launched.
Sonic hedgehog signalling and craniofacial development – discovering the weird and the wonderful
Professor Martyn Cobourne will deliver the Northcroft Memorial Lecture at the British Orthodontic Conference in 2018, where he will talk about his work on the sonic hedgehog gene and its role in craniofacial development.
Registration for BOC 2018 Now open Thursday 27- Saturday 29th September
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Against the Odds 2018: Open for entries
The British Orthodontic Society’s Against The Odds award in 2018 is now open for entries. The award was set up to showcase the transformative power of braces by identifying the best account of orthodontic treatment told by a patient.
Routine screening for sleep apnoea by dentists now recommended as dental sleep medicine becomes an established treatment modality
Dentists interested in sleep medicine can play a more extensive role in diagnosing and treating patients who suffer from sleep-related problems, according to Professor Ama Johal, the BOS authority on Dental Sleep Medicine and Vice-President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine.
Media Statement
An association has recently been made in the national press between infective endocarditis and the orthodontic treatment of a young female patient.