Advice for Orthodontic Practices in Primary Care Settings regarding COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus
During this pandemic, the British Orthodontic Society would like to extend its support to all members and recommends strongly that the advice and recommendations of the Government, the NHS, and the Inspectorate Bodies are followed. This advice is changing on a daily basis and every practitioner needs to be familiar with recommendations in their area.
‘Safe Brace’ campaign alerts patients to the dangers of ‘DIY Braces’
Today (2 March 2020): The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) and Oral Health Foundation warn the public of the dangers of undertaking “direct to consumer” teeth straightening – also known as “DIY braces”
BOS ‘cautious welcome’ in response to GDC statement
The British Orthodontic Society has reacted with a cautious welcome to the GDC announcement in regard to the provision of providing dental care remotely and in particular the growth in ‘direct-to-consumer orthodontics’.
BOS – looking ahead after celebrating 25 years
The British Orthodontic Conference (BOC) is the most significant orthodontic event in the UK calendar and this year’s, at the SECC in Glasgow, was attended by many hundreds of delegates, and saw a great deal of celebration as the British Orthodontic Society marked its 25th birthday.
BOS mourns orthodontist Chris Kettler MBE
Members of BOS as well as its affiliated groups are deeply saddened by the death of orthodontist Chris Kettler MBE, a towering figure in the world of orthodontics.
British Orthodontic Society set to exhibit at 2020’s UK Dental Congress & Exhibition: Olympia London.
The British Orthodontic Society are excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at this year’s UK Dental Congress & Exhibition (24th & 25th January 2020) held at Olympia London.
Campaign to alert patients to the dangers of ‘DIY Ortho’ announced at BOC 2019
The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) and Oral Health Foundation announce their plans for a national campaign to warn patients about the risks of direct to consumer orthodontics – also known as DIY Orthodontics - at BOC 2019 in Glasgow.
New British Orthodontic Society survey reveals the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK remains high
Monday 19 August 2019: New figures released today by The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) reveals the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK continues to remain high.
London woman scarred for life by dog wins British Orthodontic Society’s ‘Against the Odds’ for her brave and inspirational story
When she was just four years old, Tatiana was brutally attacked by a dog. She was rushed to hospital for four and a half hours emergency surgery followed by a further two surgeries and 127 stitches to her face – she was scarred for life.
BOS speakers at British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show
The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show is the UK’s largest, free to attend education and trade event for the dental profession. It is to be held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May at the NEC in Birmingham, and will attract over 10,000 dental professionals.
BOS Response to Newcastle University Raindrop Project
Last week saw the release of the Raindrop Project study, led by Newcastle University, which posited that the NHS dental budget is not being spent in the most efficient way and must be better allocated to avoid oral health inequality and meet patients’ needs.
British Orthodontic Conference 2019 – Registration now Open
Registration is now open for the 2019 British Orthodontic Conference – the largest event for UK dental professionals with an interest in orthodontics and this year’s theme is Looking Ahead.
Resounding endorsement for BOS retention videos - Hold that smile campaign surpasses gold standard
A national audit of the views of orthodontic patients has led to a resounding endorsement of educational videos supporting the British Orthodontic Society’s retention campaign
NHS orthodontic service revision – an update
A significant change in NHS orthodontic provision has taken place in the south of England over the last few months.
Help BOSF to raise £500k in next decade
Professor Philip Benson, BOS Director of Research, is setting a target of £0.5m in donations and legacies in the decade ahead and is asking the orthodontic community to help.
Julian O’Neill new honorary patron of BOS
The new Honorary Patron of the British Orthodontic Society from January 2019 is Julian O’Neill, Consultant Orthodontist at Kettering General Hospital.
BOS welcomes new universal complaints handling principles for dentistry
Six universal principles in complaints handling identified by a working group established in collaboration with the General Dental Council have been made public this month.
Seeing into the orthodontic future at BOC
Looking ahead is the theme of the British Orthodontic Conference to be held in Glasgow in 2019.
A 360 overview of orthodontics with patients as the focal point
The British Orthodontic Conference (BOC) is the most significant orthodontic event in the UK calendar and this year’s, attended by over 1200 delegates, was bigger and better than the two previous years
A rough guide to orthodontics to achieve seamless care
The British Orthodontic Society is offering a one-day course in orthodontics aimed at recently qualified dentists and those new to working in the UK.