Dr Andrew Flett BOSF Grant 2015

To ascertain patient evaluations of the format, content and usability of the new orthognathic Internet resource (OIR) through qualitative enquiry

BOSF Grant 2015

Primary investigator

Dr Andrew Flett


To ascertain patient evaluations of the format, content and usability of the new Orthognathic Information Resource (OIR) through qualitative methods.


Since 2007, orthodontists have been able to provide prospective orthognathic patients with a DVD entitled “A Patient Guide to Orthognathic Surgery”. This DVD was produced in collaboration with the British Orthodontic Society to inform patients about orthognathic surgery. Upon its release, the DVD was seen as a ground-breaking and a useful tool to aid patients in  reaching a decision about jaw surgery. However, it was developed by a group of orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons with limited patients or public involvement. A recent evaluation of the orthognathic information DVD suggested that it is out-dated and does not convey the information patients’ desire. Currently the BOS have created a working party to redevelop the DVD into an OIR. It is hoped this resource will overcome the limitations of the DVD.


Upon completion of the OIR, we plan to recruit a broad sample of post surgery orthognathic patients from the Yorkshire and East Midland region. Patients will be recruited from joint clinics from a range on hospitals in the local area. Once recruited, participants will be sent a link to allow them to access a version of the OIR via desktop and mobile smart device. After a minimum period of 2 weeks, participants will be invited to take part in focus groups and/or one-to-one interviews using semi-structured questions. These interviews will be used to capture the strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement of the OIR.

Use of results of conclusion

The data collected from patients will inform the development of the OIR to ensure it meets the needs of users before release to the general public. An online questionnaire will also be developed to collect feedback from patients on the OIR once it is finalised.

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