Granting Awards

Each year the British Orthodontic Society Scholarship Committee will receive all applications on behalf of the Foundation and agree the awards. This committee comprises orthodontists representing a wide range of interests within the British Orthodontic Society. They are nominated by the constituent groups of the Society and will appoint panels of the highest quality to review all applications.

All applicants will receive a report and advice from the Scholarship committee. Additionally, the BOS Foundation and Scholarship Committees may announce annually a research emphasis to encourage the submission of proposals relevant to specific topics. A degree of preference will be given to meritorious proposals which address the announced research emphasis.

The funded research will aim to answer the questions which you ask.

The council of the British Orthodontic Society will be responsible for approving the recommendations of the Scholarship committee. The Foundation will publish an annual report on the funds raised, the awards made, the results of the research supported and the direct teaching benefits.

You will see and hear all about the achievements of your Foundation.

Putting Something Back

Orthodontics gives so much to so many. By putting something back and helping the British Orthodontic Society Foundation succeed, you will strengthen the specialty as a whole and the practice of individual clinicians. The success of the Foundation will help us all to be inspired, well informed, caring, valued and responsible in our work, and will help to ensure that the specialty of orthodontics continues to grow and flourish in this country. Above all you will see and enjoy the worthwhile and lasting fruits of your pledge. Teaching and research will flourish in this country. Through your support you will be helping improve the quality of life of thousands of people across the UK for many years to come.

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