A Case for the Future

The BOSF is particularly relying on the support of orthodontists. We are appealing to all practitioners who earn most or all of their income from orthodontics to pledge 'A Case for the Future' - the equivalent of the fee for just one National Health Service orthodontic case. Over four years this would be a donation of only £18 per month.

For an orthodontist practicing privately, this represents about one half of the fee for one private case over four years.

For an entirely salaried orthodontist this contribution is less than £1 per working day.

Those at an early stage of their career on smaller incomes or with large initial outgoings may feel unable to give at that level whilst others who are further on in their career will feel able to pledge two cases over the four years or one case for every year.

Every donation will make a difference.

Recognition of Your Commitment

Those who pledge at least one Case for the Future will be formally thanked through listing their name in the BOS Newsletter every year for the duration of their pledge. Bequests will also be gratefully acknowledged. Corporate contributors will also be similarly listed and fully recognised. Anonymity of pledges and donations will be respected if requested.

How to pledge

On your pledge form, indicate the pledged amount. A typical pledge (one Case) will be at least £18 per month for four years. Choose your frequency of payment - monthly, quarterly or annually. Having filled in the pledge form, together with the banker's order, gift aid form as appropriate, send it to:

Other ways of giving

A clinician can arrange that a private patient pay some or all of their fee directly to the Foundation. Patients are then aware of the clinician's commitment to the future of orthodontics. In time it is expected that bequests from orthodontists will contribute substantially to the Foundation. Companies manufacturing or supplying orthodontic products and services are pledging significant amounts to the Foundation.

All donations are now eligible for Tax Recovery by the Foundation which is a registered charity.

What your money will buy

Through supporting the Foundation your money will be ploughed back into excellent training and research. With this money you will be investing in the future of our profession and helping people to benefit from our care for many years to come. For example:

£5,000 (five 'Cases') will enable the Foundation to fund a significant research project.

£15,000 will fund a research project employing substantial research assistant support which could identify the effectiveness of a current form of treatment.

£30,000 will fund a quality research project including a research technician and aimed at helping to identify better future treatment methods.

£30,000 will also enable a research fellowship for an academic trainee to work full time for one year to achieve a PhD after gaining their MSc. A young academic would overcome a large hurdle on the path to becoming a fully fledged teacher and researcher. Another top quality leader of an orthodontic training and research programme can emerge.