Maurice Berman Prize for Clinical Excellence



A BOS member, with at least 10 years clinical experience since gaining specialist orthodontic qualification. Applicants must be in good standing with the BOS and their appropriate professional bodies.

Entry Details

Three case reports including full diagnostic records, treatment progress records, finish records and post-treatment records using this template (click on the link below).


The recipient of the award will be expected to make the case records available for publication in the Journal of Orthodontics, at the Editor’s discretion, or other publication of the BOS and therefore should not have been previously published, and the necessary permission should have been sought and gained from the patient.


The original records submitted for the award will be displayed at the BOC and then retained in the BOS Museum.

Award Criteria

The award will be made on the basis of:            

  1. Case complexity on initial presentation, and casemix presented

  2. Quality of treatment provided and results obtained

  3. Quality of case presentation, including quality and format of records presented


Closing date for notification of intention to submit for the prize is 16 August. Please advise the BOS office of your intention by email.

The three case reports should be brought/delivered to the Conference early on Wednesday 15 September 2021 or exceptionally delivered to the BOS office by 12 noon Friday 3 September 2021


NB: Original patient data (Study models, radiographs and photographs etc) should not be submitted, in case of loss in transit.


Candidates must take responsibility for collection of their submission from the clinical cases display area of BOC at the close of the conference   


Template/Entry Form link