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Dr Padhraig Fleming
A pilot study to investigate the value of orthodontic treatment within society.
Professor Philip Benson
Development of an Orthodontic Appliance (Brace) Impact Questionnaire
Dr Nicky Mandall
The effectiveness of Bone Anchored Maxillary Protraction (BAMP) compared with an untreated control:  A multi-centre randomized controlled trial
Dr Andrew Flett
To ascertain patient evaluations of the format, content and usability of the new orthognathic Internet resource (OIR) through qualitative enquiry
Dr Ansa Akram 
Quality of life in patients with hypodontia
Dr Sarah Bell 
Exploring young people’s perspectives of orthodontic treatment
Dr Katherine Derringer 
Development and evaluation of a national on-line learning resource to support undergraduate orthodontic education
Dr Emily Hall
Pulpal signalling pathways in orthodontic force transduction 
Dr Fiona Ryan
A study of factors affecting outcomes in orthognathic patients
Prof AJ Ireland, Prof JR Sandy

Chewing gum and orthodontic pain relief

Professor Jonathan Sandler - BOSF Grant 2006
Orthodontic anchorage reinforcement

Dr Philip Benson
Does undergoing orthodontic treatment affect the quality of life of adolescents? - A longitudinal study.

Dr Nicola Parkin
Surgical exposure of palatally displaced canines (PDC). A randomised clinical trial
 Dr Christian Day
The effects of different orthodontic appliances upon microbial
Prof AJ Ireland, Prof JR Sandy
Development of National core modules to deliver didactic academic teaching for postgraduates in orthodontics.

Dr Nicky Mandall
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA): A screening study to measure class II skeletal pattern, TMJ PDS and use of systemic corticosteroids.

Dr Nicky Mandall
Is early Class III protraction facemask treatment effective?