Dr Katherine Derringer BOSF Grant 2010

The development of the British Orthodontic Society national undergraduate on-line learning resource.


 Project team


This project aims to create an on-line orthodontic resource which will be useful for students who are on a UK undergraduate dental course, as we have designed a series of modules to supplement and complement students’ existing orthodontic teaching. We hope that these modules will provide a valuable educational tool to support undergraduate learning. Each module is divided into learning objectives which allow the student to work through a number of activities to develop and enhance their clinical knowledge and understanding.

The modules have been developed by a multi-centre group of five orthodontic educators in conjunction with our educationalist. We would like to thank the British Orthodontic Society for funding the development of this resource, and the Central Unit of Distance Learning and IT department at King’s College London for the production. 

Update on progress:

The completed modules have now been assessed within the 4 centres and they are currently being run on a system at Kings and can be accessed by students from the 4 centres. Writing up the detailed assessments on the modules that we have already carried out at the 4 centres is taking place, so that a full report can be made on behalf of the group members. Following completion of this report, the project group members then envisage submitting the work covering the different stages of this collaborative project for publication, and making this BOS resource accessible to students on other UK undergraduate orthodontic courses.

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