Clinical Cases of Historic Interest

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Please support this important initiative.

The BOS Archive and Museum Committee would like to build up a central electronic record of contemporary and historic records of clinical cases and techniques. Records of many techniques and appliances may be lost as members retire and discard old records.

The BOS does not have the resources to collect full sets of physical records. An electronic collection is easier to store and will be useful both from an historic perspective and also for educational reasons. The cases should have consent to be used in this way.

If you have any interesting cases please forward details by emailing: Mrs Ann Wright

Format for electronic submissions of historic cases

1. Clinical Summary

The diagnosis and treatment plan of the case and synopsis of the treatment method and technique. (Not more than 250 words in total)

2. Photographs and radiographs

These should be as digital images in JPEG format 300 dpi not more than 6.5 x 9 cm with initials and age included on both the image and in the file name eg AB 10yrs_FF.jpg; AB 10yrs_L.jpg AB; 10yrs_UFA.jpg etc

a) Photographs

A. Full face (at rest and smiling).
B. Profile.
C. Any other relevant views e.g. appliances.
D. All intra-oral views should be: 
anterior view, plus left and right buccal views of the teeth in occlusion.

b) Radiographs: (If available)

A. Lateral skull tracings before and at relevant stages during the course of thetreatment.
B. Radiographs thought necessary to diagnose any significant changes.

3. Models - before and after treatment. (Labelled as above)

A. Anterior view in occlusion.
B. Left and right buccal segment views in occlusion.
C. Upper and lower occlusal surface views.

The patient's name and address should be omitted from the records and relevant consent gained.