Annual Report 2010 - BOS AGM

Report of the BOS Ethics Committee 
Report to BOS Representative Body
Sept 2010

Member details:



End of Term


J H Noar

Dec 2010 (4th Yr)

Ex Oficio

Nigel Harradine


Dec 2011


Harneet Mangat


Dec 2011

Rob Evans


Dec 2011

Katy Kelly


Dec 2011

Jane James


Dec 2011

Stephen Rudge


Dec 2011

Nazan Adali


Dec 2010

The last Ethics committee was on the 12th May 2010

There have been a contacts with patients and practitioners relating to clinical and financial problems.

The BOS Satisfaction Survey was reviewed by the committee and found to be robust and fit for purpose – no amendments needed

Regular review of current Ethics Advice Sheets relevant to ethics – (Annual Review)

1 Advertising orthodontic products and techniques to the public E2002 Ready for update to be circulated

2 Communication is the key to good consumer E2002 Under revision

3 Ethical management of patient compliance E2003 Ready for update to be circulated

4 Consent in orthodontics E2008 Currently OK

7 The duties and responsibilities of expert witnesses E2002 Under revision

10 Practice advertising and websites E2006 OK

14 Practice closure – the ethical care of patients E2003 To be withdrawn

17 Second opinions E2006 OK

18 Waiting lists E2008 OK

19 Whistleblowing E2002 Under revision

28 Principles of confidential patient information management E2008 OK

29 Out of Hours working E2008 OK

30 Running a mixed practice and maintaining ethical standards E2008 OK

New Advice Sheets

Consent for retention - Submitted to board for ratification

Complaints - Under revision

Child protection – Under revision

Website Update completed

Expert Witness documentation and list updated (May 2010) - completed

Date of next meeting 9th November 2010 @ 10.00 a.m. with a linked lunchtime meeting with Clinical Standards

Mr. J.H. Noar

Chairman Ethics Committee