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Meetings: 2nd November 2009, Date of next meeting 12th May 2010

There have been a decreasing number of contacts with patients and practitioners (I think the BOS office, Ann and Les are dealing with most). There is one on-going dispute that may become serious.

Issues in process at present:

There will be a short review of all advice sheets pertaining to the Ethics committee at the May 2010 ethics meeting

There will be a full review of out of date advice sheets at the May 2010 meeting.

  • Advice Sheet No 2 – Communication is the key to good consumer relations
  • Advice Sheet No 14 – Practice Closure – ethical care of patients
  • Advice Sheet No X - Child Protection (New)
  • Advice Sheet No 7 – The duties and responsibilities of expert witnesses (with a validation the list of witnesses as well)
  • Advice Sheet No 1 - Advertising orthodontic products and techniques to the public
  • Review of the current Patient Satisfaction survey on the BOS website and ensure that it is fit for purpose.
  • Advice Sheet No 3 - Ethical Management of patient compliance

A new advice sheet will be produced to cover Complaints

This will cover:

  • Advice for patients who have a complaint
  • Advice for orthodontists who have a complaint made against them
  • An overview of the process so that all know what different agencies do, how they do it and what the implications of their involvement would be

A new advice sheet will be produced to cover child protection

This will cover:

  • What are the general Child Protection Guidelines
  • What to do when you suspect neglect or abuse in one of your child
  • What to do if an outside agency asks for information about one of your patients (police, social workers) the steps you should take what to say and when etc.
  • What happens if a patient discloses neglect or abuse to you.

The Orthodontic Treatment Philosophies article in the BDJ will be reviewed to see if it can be used as an advice sheet or link to refer to when articles are printed in journals that do not conform to current orthodontic thinking.

The Website is being updated

Mr. J.H. Noar

Chairman Ethics Committee