Consultant Orthodontist Group (COG)

For members working primarily within the hospital service

The Consultant Orthodontist Group provides a forum for the support, guidance and education of those working in the the hospital orthodontic service to secure optimal care for patients.


  • A Symposium is held annually. A wide variety of topics are presented reflecting the diversity of the role of the Consultants and hospital practitioners.


  • The Group plays an active role in promoting good quality clinical audit and the publication of an audit newsletter. This is part of a continuing drive to more evidence-based clinical practice.


  • A large majority of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in orthodontics is done by members of the Group.
  • Specialist trainees are included in all the Group's activities.

Support and advice

  • Against a background of financial strain and continuing change in the purchasing and provision of healthcare, the group plays an important role in providing practical support and advice to members who experience difficulties in ensuring a continuation of quality hospital orthodontics because of financial and managerial pressures and decisions.

Advice to outside bodies

  • The group provides advice to a range of outside bodies on all aspects of hospital orthodontics.

Contribution to British Orthodontic Society.

  • The group plays a very active part in the activities of the B.O.S. to promote and advance good quality orthodontic care as a whole.
COG Committee Members
The COG committee is drawn from members of the Society who work primarily in the Hospital Service
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