TGG Committee Members

Constance Wong - Chair

My role as the TGG Chair is primarily to represent the views of, and advocate for, Orthodontic trainees within the society, as well as coordinating TGG activity. I chair the TGG committee meetings and organise national study days for trainees.

Post-CCST at Guy’s Hospital, London and Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup

Mohamed Hania - Secretary


My role as TGG secretary involves being the main contact for requests to the TGG including course information and dissemination. I help to organise TGG study days throughout the year. I attend TGG committee meetings and help in the preparation and setting of the meeting agendas.

Post-CCST at University Dental Hospital of Manchester

Email TGG Secretary Mo Hania at

Robert Conville - Treasurer 

My role as TGG Treasurer involves arranging funding and sponsorship for our study days, as well as assisting in the organisation of these events. I ensure our yearly projected income and expenditure is appropriate, and that our events are always cost effective for TGG members.

Specialty Registrar at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham and
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield

Helen Veeroo Clinical Governance Representative

My role is to represent the Training Grades Group on the BOS Clinical Standards Committee. This involves reporting views and issues from the TGG members to this committee and to be involved in information provision for patients to help ensure high clinical standards for patients.


Post CCST at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (Stoke Mandeville Hospital)

Christopher Wright - Representative on the Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS)


My role as the TGG CCHDS representative is to represent the views of the TGG on the Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) whilst keeping the TGG informed on the committee’s deliberations. The CCHDS is an autonomous committee of the BDA, concerned with all matters that affect dental staff working in hospitals on dental and medical terms and conditions. The committee advises the BDA on matters relating to the provision, maintenance, and enhancement of an efficient, effective, and economical hospital dental service.

Specialty Registrar at Glasgow Dental Hospital and Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Jennifer Vesey Rep on MOrth and IMOrth Board of Examiners  

My role within the committee is to represent current and future trainee views on the MOrth examinations. My aim is to represent the interests of all trainees and improve their experience of the examination as a whole. 

Post-CCST at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Arrowe Park Hospital

Mary Cazaly SAC Representative

As the Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) representative for the Training Grades Group (TGG), it is my responsibility to voice the concerns of the TGG members regarding their orthodontic training and education. The SAC meets bi-annually to ensure that a training post’s educational facilities and training environment are of sufficiently high standard to allow trainees to complete their higher specialist training successfully. It is also the responsibility of the SAC to monitor the training and education of each trainee in the specialty and once sufficient training to an appropriate standard is achieved, the SAC awards Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST).


Post-CCST at Newcastle Dental Hospital and Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle 

Asma Keshtgar - Media/IT Representative

As the Media/IT Representative, I am responsible for facilitating communication to TGG members through information and social media. In addition, I represent the interest of the TGG on matters concerning public relations. I also represent the TGG on the Grants and Scholarship committee.


Post-CCST at King’s College Hospital and St George’s Hospital

Ian Murphy ISFE Board Representative           

My role within the committee is to represent trainees on the board of examiners for the ISFE. I will advocate for trainees' interests in these board meetings and try to improve the ISFE experience for trainees.

Post-CCST at Royal Surrey County Hospital and Eastman Dental Hospital

Hannah Batsford OSG/OPC Representative 

I represent the TGG’s opinions and keep TGG members informed of any changes that are happening in Orthodontics at both a local and national level. This is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic and with regard to the changes in commissioning.


Speciality Registrar at Bristol Dental Hospital and RUH Bath

Leonie Seager - National Recruitment Representative 

The role of National Recruitment Trainee Representative is to listen to and voice the concerns of trainees on any aspect of national recruitment and further inform the TGG of any advances or changes to the recruitment process within the specialty. As a member of the Orthodontic Working Group, we meet regularly throughout the year to ensure a fair and robust system for National recruitment at both ST1 and Post-CCST level.

Post-CCST at Birmingham/Stoke


Mohammed Almuzian - Representative for International
Mohammed Almuzian - Representative for International
Mohammed Almuzian - Representative for International