Regional Audit Activity Reporting and Submissions

Online submission and instructions for coordinators

There are three forms for annual reporting of Regional Audit. It would be much appreciated if you could spend a few minutes summarising your group’s activity using the three part questionnaires.

Form 1 relates to your regional group’s membership and frequency of meetings.

Form 2A is for ongoing projects during the report period.

Form 2B is for completed projects during the report period.

The standardised format is designed to minimise the filling in work, but space is available for comment additionally if you so wish.

Completion and returning

The forms have part tick box format and some free text space. Extensive detail is not necessary and should make forms easier and quicker to complete. Only one Form 1 is needed. For each project however, a separate form is required (ongoing or completed as appropriate). Once complete save each form with a file name such as ‘Trent05Frm2A,1’. This indicates your region name, 05 refers year data for 2005.

Form 2A refers to which form you are completing (eg Form 1, or 2A, or 2B), and the number at the end is in case you are filling in more than one form, for instance 1, 2 , 3 etc.

These forms could be completed for online submission or email as attachments to

Online submission - use these forms

  • Form 1 Regional audit activity return - general data regarding your audit group
  • Form 2a Regional audit activity return - ongoing projects
  • Form 2b Regional audit activity return - completed projects during the report period