The role of the Regional Audit Coordinator

Including FAQ and contact details for help and advice

Firstly, may thanks for volunteering. Please be reassured that this is not an onerous task. This brief document outlines your role and tries to answer frequently asked questions.

Each of the 17 regions has a nominated regional audit co-ordinator. Their role is to encourage audit projects undertaken in their region to be recorded on the BOS template (one for completed audit and one for ongoing audits).

The links to the submission forms are at the bottome of this page.

It is the role of the regional Audit co-ordinator to get orthodontists in their region (mostly hospital orthodontist although some regions do include specialist practitioners in their meetings) to complete the forms and to email them to the Regional Audit Co-ordinator. The Regional Audit Co-ordinator will then gather the completed forms and email them to Gavin Barry (online submission through the BOS website will be available soon).

Common Questions

1. What is the definition of an audit year?

The collection of audit data runs from the 1st January to the 31st December each year (i.e. the calendar year).

2. Do audits have to be undertaken over multiple sites or across the region?

No. Although regional audits are to be encouraged, local audits undertaken at single sites should also be submitted.

3. How will I know when to submit the regional returns?

Regional Audit Co-ordinators will be contacted via email by the secretary of the Group (Mariyah Nazir) at the start of the new year to remind them to gather audit returns for their region and to submit them. For example, for 2012 audits, regional audit co-ordinators will receive an email towards the end of January 2013. Further reminders will be sent in the Spring.

4. Should I submit audits as I receive them from my regional group?

No. Try to gather up all the audit returns for your region and then send them all in one email as multiple attachments or submit online.

5. Is there a deadline for submission?

Yes, regional audit returns received after the British Orthodontic Conference (late September) will not be counted and the region will have a nil return posted against their region on the BOS website.

6. When does the Regional Audit Co-ordinators Group meet?

The group meets once a year at the BOC. Next meeting will be Thursday 19th September in Manchester. If you can’t make the meeting please try to send a deputy. The Regional Co-ordinator would be expected to disseminate information back to their regional group.

7. Who should I contact if I need help?

Hon. Secretary
Wesbite co-ordinator


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Online and postal regional audit forms
Online submission and instructions for coordinators