Policy on use of Insignia

It should be noted that the Coat of Arms is granted to the BOS by the College of Arms for the exclusive use of the Society. The Coat of Arms is a unique mark of identity which, according to the ancient laws of arms, only the Society may use. The Society does not have the authority to permit its use by any other group or person. Where a member wishes to indicate a link with the Society, the appropriate device to use is the Society’s Badge.

General principles:

  1. The BOS Coat of Arms may only be used by the Society itself.
  2. Full members including trade members may make use of the Society Badge
  3. The Badge may only be used in connection with professional and related activities.
  4. The Badge must not be used in any context which is in poor taste or liable to bring the Society into disrepute
  5. The Badge must not be used in any way to imply that the BOS endorses a practice, a treatment or a product
  6. If used on stationery or trade literature, the Badge must be accompanied by the words “BOS Member” to make clear the basis on which the Badge is being used.
  7. The “BOS” logo is reserved for Society use only.