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The British Orthodontic Society dates its origin to the unification in 1994 of the British Society for the Study of Orthodontics (BSSO), which was founded in 1907, with four other national orthodontic societies, the Consultant Orthodontists Group, the British Association of Orthodontists, the Community Orthodontists Section and the Association of University Teachers of Orthodontics.

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Who is eligible to join the British Orthodontic Society

Anyone interested in orthodontics may join the BOS. It is not an organisation restricted to specialists. There are membership categories to cater for specialists, non-specialists, trainees, traders, overseas members and non-dentists.

Apply for Membership
Apply to the BOS Administration Office for a membership application form

Choose the Group or Groups for which you are eligible from the definitions given below. Applications for membership have to go before the Board of Trustees. This is normally a formality but there will be some delay after application before being officially accepted as a member.


Full membership is available to all who qualify as members of one or more of the following six Groups of the British Orthodontic Society:

Community Group (COM)
Members holding a Community Dental Services appointment and holding a post-graduate qualification in orthodontics registerable with the General Dental Council.

Consultant Orthodontists Group (COG)
Members holding a contract as Consultant Orthodontist issued by a recognised health body or NHS Trust in the United Kingdom, and whose period of higher training has been approved by the relevant SAC, or who are deemed by the Committee to be trained to an equivalent level. Other orthodontists who spend substantially the whole of their time in hospital practice and possess an orthodontic qualification may be elected on a named basis by the Committee as non-consultant members.

Associate membership shall be open to those members holding a contract as Senior Registrar or Fixed Term Training Appointee in orthodontics with a recognised health body in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, or as Senior Specialists in Orthodontics in the Armed Forces Dental Services and who are in an orthodontic higher training programme approved by the SAC in orthodontics.

Practitioners Group (PG)
Members engaged in the practice of orthodontics in General Dental Practice or in the Community Dental Service which is not exclusive to orthodontics and not holding a post-graduate qualification in orthodontics.

Other members engaged in the exclusive practice of orthodontics in General Dental Practice or in the Community Dental Service who do not hold a post-graduate qualification in orthodontics and who are not eligible to join the Specialist Practitioners Group and/or the Community Group.

Orthodontic Specialists Group (OSG)
Members engaged in Specialist Orthodontic Practice and holding a post-graduate qualification in orthodontics registerable with the General Dental Council. New members must be listed in the Specialist List in Orthodontics held by the General Dental Council.

Training Grades Group (TGG)
Membership of the Training Grades Group shall be open to members holding an appointment in an orthodontic training grade post approved by the relevant SAC (or equivalent body) or working on an approved course in the United Kingdom leading towards a recognised post-graduate qualification in orthodontics.

University Teachers Group (UTG)
Membership of the University Teachers Group shall be open to members holding a university teaching appointment or other teaching appointment recognised by the Group in the United Kingdom.

SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP (B) (see membership application form)

Associate Membership is available to non-dentists and dentists not eligible for Group membership.

International Membership is offered for dentists working outside the UK.


Orthodontic Companies and Orthodontic Laboratories are also eligible for membership.

Objects of the British Orthodontic Society

The objects for which the Society is established are to promote the study and practice of orthodontics, to maintain and improve professional standards in orthodontics, and to encourage research and education in orthodontics.

Through its Groups and Committees, the Society is active in promoting improvement in clinical standards and good practice, the dissemination of scientific and other information relating to the practice of orthodontics, orthodontic training for all dentists and the national and local working conditions of orthodontists in every sphere of practice. The Society seeks to promote good relations, understanding and co-operation amongst all its members, nationally and locally, whatever their field of practice.

The BOS is a member of the European Federation of Specialist Orthodontic Associations (EFOSA), of the European Federation of Orthodontists (FEO) and a Founder member of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO).

The BOS Media Committee actively promotes orthodontic topics to the media and is ready to react swiftly when necessary to media interest and comment.

Journal of Orthodontics

The BOS publishes the quarterly Journal of Orthodontics. The Journal is internationally respected and carries scientific papers and articles on clinical practice and practice management, and of political interest. The Journal is free to members of the Society.

BOS Newsletter

The BOS Newsletter is published three times a year. It is full of news and information about the Society and its members and contains news and advice on the latest developments affecting the practice of orthodontics.

Other publications

The BOS regularly publishes advice to members on specific topics relating to clinical orthodontics and practice management.


The BOS Website is accessible to the public and gives up to date information about the Society and the nature of orthodontics. There is a “Members” section which is only accessible to BOS members through a user name and password. Visit the BOS website for more details of the BOS at

British Orthodontic Conference

The British Orthodontic Conference is held annually towards the end of September over three days. It is recognised as one of the best dental conferences in the UK. Over 1,000 orthodontists, orthodontic nurses, technicians and traders regularly attend. The lecture programme has scientific and clinical papers given by eminent international and home speakers. There are also sessions of interest to different areas of practice and separate sessions dedicated to nurses and technicians. There is a large Trade Exhibition, Clinical Demonstrations and numerous social events. BOS members pay reduced registration rates and have the opportunity to make early bookings.


The Society and the Groups hold several meetings of scientific, clinical and political interest throughout the year.

BOS Membership List

The BOS Membership List contains the names and addresses of over 1800 members, including international members. This is invaluable for the transfer and receipt of patients and for everyone wishing to contact orthodontists. The Membership List is available on the website.


The BOS manages several awards and prizes for the promotion and recognition of orthodontic excellence. These awards are sponsored by orthodontic traders and by the Society itself.


The Society endeavours to help members who seek advice on all matters relating to their practising life.


Every Member of the BOS pays a subscription. Current rates are shown on the membership application form.