Exploring young people’s perspectives of orthodontic treatment

BOSF Grant 2012

Primary investigator

Dr Sarah Bell


Exploring young people’s perspectives of orthodontic treatment


The majority of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are children and adolescents and there is a paucity of qualitative research that seeks their views or perspectives. The aim of the study is to explore young people’s perspectives of wearing a fixed orthodontic appliance. The findings will provide clinicians with greater insights into the experiences of young people.

Patients aged 10-15 years, attending the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield, will be recruited. Each participant will be provided with a small video camera to record personal video-diaries from before their appliance is fitted and throughout their treatment, until they have their braces removed. In addition to this, interviews will be periodically carried out with each participant. The interviews will be qualitative in nature therefore no predetermined questions will be asked. The young people will be encouraged to direct the topics of discussion to issues of importance to them.

Transcribed data from the video diaries and the interviews will be explored in-depth. Thematic analysis will be undertaken and themes in the data will be identified. Issues of importance for the young people about having fixed orthodontic treatment will be explored and the findings disseminated. As a result of this study, clinicians will be able to improve their communication, information giving and empathy with patients.