Development of National core modules to deliver didactic academic teaching for postgraduates in orthodontics.

BOSF Grant 2004

Primary investigators

Prof AJ Ireland (left), Prof JR Sandy (right)


Following on from its initial inception at Bristol in 2004, the receipt of this BOSF award facilitated the development and initial VLE hosting of the 40 National core teaching modules used to deliver teaching for postgraduates in orthodontics. In addition to the core modules additional teaching material included video lectures, narrated video clips of clinical procedures and interactive tutorials. This was all housed within the Blackboard VLE system at Bristol University. Administration and hosting was directly funded by the BOSF grant. Bristol University made available over 200 places on the VLE and these places were distributed nationally to both the orthodontic trainers and their postgraduate students.

Further work

In 2007 the BOS agreed to continue with this teaching initiative. The academic content developed as a result of the BOSF award has now been transferred to the BOS and under the direction of the BOS Education Committee the National modules have been updated and revised ready for relaunch. Further spin-offs from the original BOSF grant have been the development of FTTA teaching modules and those for the BOS/FGDP DWSi course in orthodontics, both of which are also housed within the BOS VLE.


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