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On Irregularities of the Teeth – Charles Gaine

Gaine’s regulating device, published in John Nutting Farrar’s book ‘A treatise on the irregularities of the test and their correction’ published in 1888.

Charles Gaine published the first British book purely on orthodontics but his contribution to orthodontics has been largely overlooked.

Gaine came from modest beginnings but served an apprenticeship under the prominent dentist Thomas Bell. He then moved to Brighton to work as an assistant to William Robert Wood. It was while at Brighton that Gaine’s interest in orthodontics began and he treated patients with appliances of his own design. Several of these appliances were shown at the Great International Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851 but under Wood’s name. Gaine later addressed this in his book by stating ‘Mine was the invention, his the “kudos”.’

Gaine left Brighton soon after and opened a practice in Ludlow, with a second practice in Bath following in 1856.

In 1858 Gaine published his book which explained his principles for orthodontic treatment and described four cases studies.

As it was privately published, very few copies of Gaine’s book survive.