Please note some prizes were not run in 2020

Northcroft Lecturer – Sponsored By BOS

The British Orthodontic Society invites outstanding contributors from the field of orthodontics to give the guest lecture in memory of George Northcroft.

The previous holders of this distinction are:

1947 Professor J E Harris
1948 Dr L Lindsay
1949 Professor R Selmer Olsen
1950 Dr F Jones
1951 Professor S Friel
1952 Dr J Brash
1953 Professor D Slome
1954 Dr H Chapman
1955 Dr L Wells
1956 Dr R Harrison
1957 Dr J Tanner
1958 Professor A Lundstrom
1959 Dr H Kalmus
1960 Dr R Rix
1961 Professor T Pomfret Kilner
1962 Professor T James
1963 Dr A Copping
1964 Dr A Brodie
1965 Dr B Johanson
1966 Dr B Foss
1967 Professor C Ballard
1968 Professor M Moss
1969 Mr G Dickson
1970 Dr K Thonner
1971 Dr S Horowitz
1972 Professor D Anderson
1973 Professor R Hotz
1974 Professor P Butler
1975 Professor A Bjork
1976 Professor C Moorrees
1977 Professor R Frankel
1978 Dr S Linder-Aronson
1979 Dr B Solow
1980 Professor D Woodside
1981 Professor E Harvold
1982 Professor J Mills
1983 Professor L Johnston
1984 Professor S Baumrind
1985 Professor W Proffit
1986 Professor W Tulley
1987 Professor J Moss
1988 Professor B Thilander
1989 Professor T Graber
1990 Professor P Vig
1991 Professor J McNamara
1992 Dr J Andreason
1993 Professor C Stephens
1994 Professor C Booy
1995 Professor R Little
1996 Professor W C Shaw
1997 Professor R Behrents
1998 Dr C Tulloch
1999 Professor B Zachrisson
2000 Professor F Miura
2001 Professor M Ferguson
2002 Professor S Bishara
2003 Professor K Vig
2004 Professor K O’Brien
2005 Professor N Hunt
2006 Professor J Sandy
2007 Professor M Meikle
2008 Dr N Harradine
2009 Professor B Melsen
2010 Professor F McDonald
2011 Professor J Sugawara
2012 Professor D Burden
2013 Professor AM Kuijpers-Jagtmon
2014 Professor T Eliades
2015 Professor S Cunningham
2016 Professor A J Ireland
2017 Dr D Wiechmann
2018 Professor M Cobourne
2019 Dr Greg J Huang
2021 Professor J Sandler

Belle Maudsley Lecturer

Belle Maudsley was editor of dental update from 1978 to 1981. The prize is awarded in her memory

1983 Mr C Gait
1984 Mr N Hunt
1985 Mr J Coope
1986 Mr J Hammond
1987 Ms M Calvert
1988 Dr D Tidy
1989 Mrs K Postlethwaite
1990 Ms G Cottam
1991 Ms L Winchester
1992 Mr S Robinson
1993 Mr S Newell
1994 Mr N Fox
1996 Mr M Moore
1997 Mr S Chadwick
1998 Dr A Johal
2000 Dr R Mattick
2001 Dr C Nightingale
2002 Dr A Di Biase

M.Orth medals

The J K Williams medal is awarded annually to the best candidate at the Intercollegiate Membership in Orthodontics examination (prior to 2000 was the BSSO M.Orth medal and from 2001 – 2004 the BOS M.Orth medal).

1988 Dr E Jones*
1988 Dr A Ireland
1989 Dr P Noble
1990 Dr P Tebbett
1991 Dr M Collins
1992 Dr S Blight / Dr J Dickson
1993 Dr N Hay
1994 Dr E O’Higgins / Dr D Young
1995 Dr S Hodge
1996 Dr J Spencer
1997 Dr F Dyer
1998 Dr S Patel
1999 Dr D Burford
2000 Dr S Ismail
2001 Dr J Scholey
2002 Dr Z Al-Bitar
2003 Dr J Panesar
2004 Dr S Sadiq
2005 Dr M Hatfield
2006 Dr L Kneafsey
2007 Dr S Cotter
2008 Dr L O’Dwyer
2009 Dr D Baram
2010 Dr J Birdsall
2011 Dr I Levisianos
2012 Dr M L Eide & Dr S Nandhra
2013 Dr C Clayton
2014 Dr O’Rourke
2015 Dr F Ahmed
2016 Dr K Tonge
2017 Dr K Parker
2018 Dr S Griffiths
2019 Dr C Rolland
2021 Dr L Rennie

The William Houston medal is awarded annually to the best candidate at the M.Orth. examination taken through the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

89/90 Dr V Patel
90/91 Dr A Burn
1992 Dr B Wilkinson*
1993 Dr J Knox
1994 Dr M Fazakerley
1995 Dr F Smith
1996 Dr R Lawson
1997 Dr J Hickman
1998 Dr C Mullane
1999 Dr C Daniels
2000 Dr C Davies
2001 Dr J Scholey
2002 Dr A Teague
2003 Dr J O’Dwyer
2004 Dr C Crocker
2005 Dr R M Jones
2006 Dr L Davenport-Jones
2008 Dr J Butler
2009 Dr H Flint and Dr S McAvinchey
2010 Dr R McDowall
2011 Dr C Wilson
2012 Dr P Germain
2013 Dr M Gosal and Dr S Watkinson
2014 Dr M A Al-Muzian
2015 Dr A Garry
2016 Dr D Bowe
2017 Dr H Anwar
2018 Dr C Lowney, Dr E Byrne, Dr O Carty, Dr J Kearney and Dr A Patel
2019 Dr R Mahsoub, Dr T Frawley and Dr C Patel
2021 Dr Z Sullivan

*These medal winners did not sit the M.Orth examination immediately following postgraduate training but at a later date.

M.Orth Cases Prize – Sponsored by Align Technology Imaging (2019)

This prize and the award of the BOS M.Orth Medal (from 2005) is for the best two Membership in Orthodontics cases displayed at the BOC.

1989 Dr D Slattery & Dr A Murray
1990 Dr R Nashed
1991 Dr W Yapp
1994 Dr G Edwards
1995 Dr D Morris
1996 Dr P Thomas
1997 Dr D I Lund
1998 Dr A O’Malley
1999 Dr C Daniels
2000 Dr F McKeown
2001 Dr C Stock
2002 Dr T Hodge
2003 Dr J O’Dwyer
2004 Dr H Uys
2005 Dr N Houghton
2006 Dr S Qureshi
2007 Dr A Byrne
2008 Dr P Fleming
2009 Dr A Shelton
2010 Dr O Yaqoob
2011 Dr J Patel
2012 Dr L Khamashta-Ledezma
2013 Dr S Watkinson
2014 Dr M Sharif
2015 Dr K Counihan
2016 Dr E Watt
2017 Dr C Rooney
2018 Dr R Shah
2019 Dr Adam Jowett
2021 Dr M Virdi

Orthoworld Specialist Award – formerly Forestadent Travel Award (1993 – 1999)

This award is presented to the candidate who shows clinical excellence in the presentation of treated cases.

1993 Dr J Sandler
1994 Dr S Power
1995 Not awarded
1996 Awarded by draw
1997 Dr H Moseley
1998 Dr J Russel
1999 Dr D Morris
2000 Dr A Johal
2001 Dr D Spary
2002 Not awarded

Practitioner Group Cases Prize – Sponsored by Db Orthodontics

Awarded for treated cases submitted by a member of the Practitioner group.

2000 Dr G Glass
2001 Dr M Dods
2002 Dr R Skeggs
2003 Dr A Mills
2004 Dr A Mills
2005 Not awarded
2006 Dr H Newbrook
2007-2009 Not awarded
2010 Dr J Seddon
2011 Dr G Reynolds
2012 Not awarded
2013 Dr E Roberts
2014 Dr G Reynolds
2015 Not awarded
2016 Dr E Roberts
2017 Dr A Bennett
2018 Dr R Parker
2019 Dr P Thornley

Maurice Berman Prize

Awarded for clinical excellence in the presentation of a treated case.

2001 Dr F Dyer
2002 Not awarded
2003 Dr F McKeown
2004 Not awarded
2005 Dr T Hodge
2006 Not awarded
2007 Dr R Bradford
2008 Not awarded
2009 Not awarded
2010 Not awarded
2011 Not awarded
2012 Not awarded
2013 Dr J Sholey
2014 Dr A DiBiase
2015 Not awarded
2016 Not awarded
2017 Not awarded
2018 Dr T Hodge
2019 No award
2021 No award

JJ Thompson Research Protocol Award – Sponsored by J.J. Thompson

This Award is awarded for the best Masters or equivalent study protocol and review of the relevant literature.

1992 Dr J Knox – Cardiff
1993 Dr N Daud – Glasgow and Dr F Willner – Cardiff
1994 Dr S Cunningham – Eastman
1995 Dr R Lawson – Cardiff
1996 Dr J Hickman – Cardiff
1997 Dr S Littlewood – Leeds/Bradford
1998 Dr A Corry – Glasgow
1999 Dr S McKenna – Liverpool
2000 Dr I Campbell – Liverpool
2001 Dr H Lawton – Royal London
2002 Dr A Smith – Eastman
2003 Dr K Juggins – Oxford/Eastman
2004 Dr A McNair – Bristol/Plymouth
2005 Dr F Jenkins – Leeds
2006 Dr R Seed – Liverpool
2007 Dr F Ryan – University College, London /Dr S Salam – Manchester
2008 Dr G Pye – Liverpool
2009 Dr L Greene – Dundee
2010 Dr S Seymour – Eastman
2011 Dr S Nandhra – Leeds
2012 Dr R Patel – Queen Mary, London
2013 Dr T Fahey – Cardiff
2014 Dr A Garry – Liverpool
2015 Dr H Javidi – Sheffield
2016 Dr K Parker
2017 Dr Rupal Sha
2018 Dr M Virdi
2019 Dr Nima Amin
2020 Dr M Makwana
2021 Dr R Conville

University Teachers Group Prize – Sponsored by Orthocare

The UTG Prize is awarded to the best presentation of a research paper in the UTG session.

1986 Dr A Murray
1987 Dr S Hawthorn
1988 Dr P Olivere
1989 Dr P Stephenson
1990 Dr Niall McGuiness
1991 Dr N Waldron
1992 Dr F Padhani
1993 Dr J Harrison
1994 Dr A Pearson
1995 Dr D Morris
1996 Dr S Turner
1997 Dr M Chen
1998 Dr A Lees
1999 Dr J Kerrigan
2000 Dr J Machell
2001 Dr S Derwent
2002 Dr F Scriven
2003 Dr J Brennan
2004 Dr A Auluck
2005 Dr K House
2006 Dr R Bradley
2007 Mr P Scott
2008 Dr F Ryan
2009 Dr J Seehra
2010 Dr O Yaqoob
2011 Dr A Akram
2012 Dr S Nandhra
2013 Dr B J Rainey
2014 Dr J Williams
2015 Dr S Hosni
2016 Dr A Monk
2017 Dr S Quach
2018 Dr A Mehta
2019 Dr N Siddiqui
2021 Joint 1st – Dr O J King and Dr O Hameed

BOC Audit Poster and Research Poster Prizes

Awarded to the best poster at the BOC until 2008 when the two awards, one audit, one research, were made.

1995 Dr D B Forsyth and Dr C Davies
1996 Dr B Clark
1997 Dr D Morris
1998 Dr J Battagel and Dr A Johal
1999 Dr C Roman
2000 Dr S Lox
2001 Dr M Y Hajeer
2002 Dr P Wilson
2003 Dr T Hassan
2004 Dr S Thiyagarajah
2005 Dr Z Al-Bitar
2006 Dr D Morris
2007 Dr P Fleming
2008 Dr M Walker (research) and Dr H Dhaliwal (audit)
2009 Dr E Grammatopoulos (research) and Dr J Shah (audit)
2010 Dr N Passan (research) and Dr M Bussell (audit)
2011 Dr T Al-Musfir (research) and Dr M Allen (audit)
2012 Dr R Wilson (research) and Dr E Paice (audit)
2013 Dr S Austin (research) and Dr A Gederi (audit)
2014 Dr N O’Rouke (research) and Dr S Gale (audit)
2015 Dr M J Storey (research) and Dr L Arjomand (audit)
2016 Dr Y Kamarudin (research) and Dr N Siddiqui (audit)
2017 Dr K Parker (research) and Dr L Wong (audit)
2018:Dr S Fletcher (research) and Dr R Patel (audit)
2019 Dr L Horsfall (research) and Dr J Galloway (audit)
2021 Dr I Gill (research) and Dr P Sinnott (clinical effectiveness)

BOC Aspiring Orthodontist Poster Prize – Sponsored by TOC

2019 Dr R Conville
2021 Dr R Litt

Chapman Prize – Sponsored by BOS

This Prize, for an essay on an Orthodontic or allied subject, is awarded in the memory of Dr Harold Chapman.

1961 Dr D A Dixon
1963 Dr C D Parker
1966 Dr B S Cryer
1967 Dr D G F Ardouin and Dr M L Brenchley
1969 Dr T P Bass and Dr C D Stephens
1970 Dr D Di Biase
1971 Dr D B Johnson
1974 Dr P G Sullivan
1977 Dr W C Shaw
1979 Dr P M F Bryant
1981 Dr N W T Harradine and Dr R H Kirschen
1984 Dr N Pender
1985 Dr C Cole
1989 Dr P Hill
1990 Dr J Sandy
1991 Dr R Smith
1992 Dr A Holmes
1993 Dr N Alwi and Dr S Ghani
1994 Dr P Taylor
1996 Dr S S Lin
1997 Dr C R Mattick
1998 Dr C Daniels
1999 Dr N Turnbull
2000 Dr A M Smith
2001 Dr D Savjani
2002 Dr C H Kau
2003 Dr A Dhopatkar
2004 Not awarded
2005 Dr A Johal
2006 Dr C Mwangi
2007 Dr N McGuinness
2008 Not awarded
2009 Dr J Collins
2010 Dr A Patel
2011 Dr B Thiruvenkatachari
2012 Dr J Seehra
2013 Dr P Fleming
2014 Professor M Cobourne
2015 Professor J Sandler
2016 Dr N Woodhouse
2017 Professor A J Ireland
2018 Professor M Cobourne
2019 Dr Andrew DiBiase
2020 Dr P Sharma/Professor P Fleming
2021 Dr A Tsichlaki

Houston Award

This annual scholarship was awarded by the BOS in memory of Professor William JB Houston. From 2003 the funds available each year have been rolled into BOSF.

1992 Dr F Luther
1993 Dr P HIll
1994 Dr J Knox and Dr R Hobson
1995 Not awarded
1996 Not awarded
1997 Dr Z Nelson-Moon
1998 Dr J Harrison
1999 Dr M Wong
2000 Dr N Mandall
2001 Not awarded
2002 Dr D Tinsley

Houston Research Scholar

From 2003 this title is to be awarded to the first author of the most meritorious, completed project (of those funded by the BOS) each year.

2003 Dr A Williams
2004 Not awarded
2005 Dr P Stephenson
2006 Dr C H Kau
2007-2008 Not awarded
2009 Dr A Ahmad
2010 Dr E Lee
2011 Dr S Seymour and Dr R Prabakaran
2012 Dr R Stephens
2013 Dr N Patel
2014 Dr S Austin
2015 Dr E Bakeman and Dr S Patel
2016 Dr A Garry
2017 Dr S Farmahan
2018 Dr J Perry
2019 Dr Robert Smyth
2020 Dr K Davies
2021 Dr A Keshtgar

BOS Research Award – Sponsored by BOS (1997-2002). Monies now rolled into BOSF.

1997 Dr D Burden
1998 Dr P Banks
1999 Dr A Williams and Dr J Sandy
2000 Dr N Mandall
2001 Not awarded
2002 Not awarded

Oradent Scholarship – Sponsored by Oradent

The Oradent Scholarship was awarded to the most meritorious proposed research project submitted.
1988 Mr J Sandler and Miss A Murray
1989 Miss L Winchester
1990 Dr D Millet
1991 Mr J Noar

Lawrence Usiskin Award – Sponsored by Bos

Undergraduate elective award.

1998 Ms S Nackasha – Guys
1999 Mr A-R Koochek and Mr M Yeh – Cardiff
2000 Ms G Dhillon and Ms S Rahman – Kings
2001 Ms N Adali – Guys
2002 Ms H Jafar – GKT
2003 Ms E Dogramaci – Manchester
2004 Ms J Khek – Barts and the London
2005 Dr S Pasapula – Dundee
2006 Dr P Sharma – Birmingham
2007 Dr S Shah – Bristol
2008 Not awarded
2009 Dr C Koo Min Chee – Sheffield
2010 Not awarded
2011 Mr P Nghiem – Birmingham
2012 Ms S Thornton – Newcastle
2013 Dr A Sadheura – Barts and the London
2014 Dr N Shah – Dundee
2015 Dr A Bakshi- Cardiff
2016 Dr C Liu – Guy’s
2017 Dr E Murray
2018 Dr X M Chong
2019 Dr S Fligelstone
2020 Dr L Ota

Geoffrey Fletcher Elective Prize

This prize has been funded by a donation from Geoffrey Fletcher. It is open to members of the Training Grades Group to sponsor an elective visit.

2002 Dr R Bradford
2003 Dr R Shah
2004 Dr H Travess
2005 Dr M Chia
2006 Not awarded
2007 Dr N Johnston
2008 Dr H Popat
2009 Dr L Dobbyn
2010 Dr J Shah
2011 Dr E Hall
2012 Dr G Williams
2013 Not awarded
2014 Not awarded
2015 Dr N Shah
2016 Dr S Hosni
2017 Dr J Perry
2018 Dr A Sampson
2019 Dr Tarun Mittal
2020 Dr N Gogna
2021 No award

BOS Award To An Orthodontic Technician For Distinguished Service

This new award is designed to recognise those Orthodontic Technicians who have made an outstanding contribution to their profession and Orthodontics.

2003 Mr R Newington
2004 Mr M Newham
2005 Mr J Brown
2006 Mr W Keel
2007 Mr A Hunt
2008 Mr D Hoban
2009 Mr K McLaughlin
2010 Mr V Jones
2011 Mr J Lewis
2012 Mr G Williams
2013 Mr A Berrow
2014 Mr P Mallett
2015 Not awarded
2016 Mr G Davis
2017 Mr K Wilson
2018 Mrs K Lancaster
2019 D Sandell
2020 Mr N Price (posthumously)
2021 Mr E Payne

BOS Award To An Orthodontic Nurse For Distinguished Service

This new award is designed to recognise those Orthodontic Nurses who have made an outstanding contribution to their profession and Orthodontics.

2003 Mrs J Robins
2004 Mrs A Moss
2005 Ms A Jones
2006 Mrs M Dickinson
2007 Mrs M Bardett
2008 Ms F Grist
2009 Ms D Douglass
2010 Ms L Drzymala
2011 Mrs C Matthews
2012 Ms A Robinson
2013 Ms G Tyler
2014 Miss S Dye
2015 Not awarded
2016 Mrs D Worthington
2017 Ms P Gill
2018 Not awarded
2020 Ms J Crozier
2021 Ms A Curley

BOS TGG Distinguished Trainer Award

The prize is awarded to a Trainer chosen by members of the TGG

2009 Dr S Rudge
2010 Dr D Spary
2011 Professor J McDonald
2012 Dr M Collins
2013 Dr S Jones
2014 Professor S Cunningham
2015 Dr N Atack and Dr J Miller
2016 Dr P Stephenson

BOS Clinical Audit Prize

This prize is designed to recognise the best published reports in the BOS Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin.

2008 Dr K A Young and Dr J E Harrison
2009 Dr P Mystry
2010 Dr R McDowell
2011 Dr O Chawla
2012 Dr M Storey
2013 Dr C Dunbar
2014 Dr A McMullin
2015 Dr P Banks
2016 Dr S Quall and Dr C Day
2017 Dr I Gill, Dr J Kwok, Dr J Johnson and Professor M Cobourne
2018 Dr H Ali and Dr N Mandall
2019 Dr K Patel and Dr G Mack
2020 Dr N Amin, Dr F Motamedi-Azari, Dr K Parker and Dr F Ryan
2021 Dr L Monaghan and Dr R Needham

Jo Scientific Paper Of The Year

This prize is awarded to the best scientific paper that has been accepted for publication in the current year’s volume of the Journal of Orthodontics.

2009 Miss J Russell
2010 Miss F Ryan
2011 Dr N Mandall
2012 Dr M Nazir
2013 Dr M J Tremouth and Dr S Desmond
2014 Dr L Mangnall
2015 Not awarded
2016 Dr S Springate
2017 Professor P E Benson and Professor S Cunningham
2018 Dr R Little and Dr D Spary
2019 Susan L Catt
2021 Dr J E Kettle, Dr A C Hyde, Dr T Frawley, Dr C Granger, Dr S J Longstaff and Professor P E Benson

Against The Odds

This award is for Specialist Orthodontists who have been nominated by their patient for life changing treatment.

2006 Dr K Mizrahi
2007 Dr P Huntley
2008 Dr J Costello
2009 Dr M Cheung
2010 Dr J Meisner
2011 Dr M Mustafa
2012 Dr M Mustafa
2013 Dr A Mannan
2014 Dr A Mannan
2015 Dr J Dwyer
2016 Dr G Cartwright
2017 Dr P Thomas
2018 Dr A Mannan
2019 Dr J Dwyer
2020 Dr S Sadiq

British Orthodontic Society Technicians Award

This annual award is open to any student dental technician in the United Kingdom enrolled on a recognised first level dental technology course and to technicians who have been qualified for less than two years at the time of the closing date for entries.

2000 Mr K Chu
2001 Ms G Grant
2002 Mr J Green
2003 Ms S Owen
2004 Mr D Shaw
2005 Mr A Wallis
2006 Not awarded
2007 Ms K Spooner
2008 Ms R McMichan
2009 Mr C Geisal
2010 Ms F Aldcroft
2011 Ms M Nowak
2012 Mr J Penswick
2013 Ms R Bissett
2014 Not awarded
2015 Not awarded
2016 Not awarded
2017 Not awarded
2018 Ms A Costello
2019 Ms D Harper

Multimedia Patient Information Prize

2019 Dr P Jauhar
2021 Dr L Seager