These tips are intended to help get the best and most efficient treatment for your patients when making an orthodontic referral.

  • Include details of any previous dental treatment, particularly if there has been trauma to anterior teeth or if you consider any teeth to be of dubious long-term prognosis.
  • If you know the IOTN grade use it, but if you don’t just include details of what deviates from normal, such as ‘overjet greater than 8mm’ or ‘severe anterior crowding’.
  • If you feel the patient needs to be seen urgently please mention why in the referral letter.
  • Ensure your patient knows you are referring them for orthodontic treatment and that they are prepared to consider undergoing treatment.
  • Ensure your patient has good oral hygiene and is caries free (unless you are referring for advice on possible extractions).
  • If the patient has had previous orthodontic treatment please mention it in the referral letter.
  • If you have taken recent relevant radiographs please include these with the referral.