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16th Aug 2023

PETERBOROUGH – Specialist Orthodontist required part-time

We could say the usual advertising soundbites such as ‘this is a unique opportunity to work in a fully private practice, within easy commuting distance of London & Birmingham’ etc, etc, etc. This is true, but there’s much more to this job that seriously warrants your attention. 

We’re looking for a part-time associate orthodontist who’s keen to grasp what contemporary orthodontics truly has to offer. Sceptical of ‘big brother’ aligner companies and their unrealistic hype? Keen to learn cutting edge clinical techniques, get the most out of world-class modern orthodontics, and be way ahead of the curve in terms of adopting such new (and sustainable) techniques? If your answers are ‘yes’ then this is the job for you! 

 The Priestgate Clinic was created in 2018 to provide high-quality private dental care, using the latest clinical techniques and 3D technology, within one of the most innovative environments in the UK. We use fully digital workflows involving intra-oral scanners, CBCT, treatment simulation & planning software, and 3D printers to create our own in-house appliances on a daily basis, including retainers, aligners, digital Twin Blocks and mini-implant stents. 

Every type of orthodontic treatment is undertaken here including routine fixed appliance cases, simple and complex aligner treatments (often proactively blended with a fixed appliance phase), complex mini-implant treatments and orthognathic cases. We’re probably the first UK practice to introduce digitally designed Twin Blocks, 3D printed metal appliances and shape memory (‘Graphy’) aligners. In essence, we proactively develop and integrate the latest innovations (but not gimmicks!) from across the world and apply them for the benefit of both our patients and our clinical interests.  

You’ll work closely with a consultant orthodontist, an orthodontic therapist, general dentists, plus specialist colleagues in maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, implantology, and endodontics – What’s not to like!  Salary: self-employed with 50% renumeration 

If you’re seriously keen to jump ahead in orthodontics, then please contact Richard Cousley –